Red Barn Realty is offering you a toy to play with. This is a useful toy, but still wicked fun. It’s an automated home valuation toy/tool. Just put your address in and give it an email to send the report to. Easy.

This toy/tool provides a broad market view of your home’s is value. There’s a lot of information, so feel free to contact me at with any questions. The report is far more general than a custom valuation done by a Realtor.

A proper Home Valuation requires a lot of background research & a visit to your property to assess specifics and features that the automated toys/tools can’t assess.

Special Features, Condition, Style of Home, Local Market Conditions, etc. Our office offers this service No Obligation and Free of Charge, if you’d like a more accurate valuation.

In the meantime, Have Some Fun and learn some useful info. No, You don’t have to thank me. I’m just glad you’re having fun. 

Lew McConkey, Realtor
Red Barn Realty