It’s that time of year again. Spring is coming. The forsythia’s will be blooming. Baseball is in the air. If you have or know of a special needs child that would like to play little league baseball, The Challenger League in Braintree is a great way to help them play.

It works like this. Each player is provided a major league uniform for the team they play with.

Challenger League Baseball is located at Hollingsworth Fields in Braintree, but services special needs children from towns all over Eastern MA, up to age 22 who’d like to go out and play some baseball. Wheelchairs, walkers and more are welcome.

It works like this. Each player is provided a major league uniform for the team they play with. The cost of registration and uniforms has been picked up by Teamsters Local 25 for years. 2020 is no different. Teamsters 25 never seem to miss an opportunity to help the League in any way they can. From registration to special events at games during the season, they have been powerful and consistent supporters of the league.

The games are played on Sundays in May and June, usually an inning or two, maybe an hour or an hour and a half. Each player gets to bat each inning and play the field. Parents/caregivers who register with the league can help their child, on the field, play the game. There are coaches and assistants out there, if you’d like to join the spectators too.

My son, Ryan has Autism and has loved playing for years.

I’ve been coaching for years as well. The team is like family and the league is composed of dedicated, caring people who make it all possible.

If you have a spacial needs child and have any questions, Feel free to contact me( I’d be happy to give you more information and put you in touch with the league’s administrators.

The goal of the Braintree Challenger League is to help every kid with special needs to come and PLAY BALL!!!!

Lew McConkey, Realtor
Red Barn Realty